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Aug. 28th, 2011

In My Time Updated

hey everyone!

okay. its been forever. and i know that you're thinking what i'm thinking-i'm not writing fanfic like i always have been.
its not goodbye, but i will tell you that i want to finish up anything i started. i wont be starting anything new, however. anything i started but dont want to finish (that isnt actually up on TA) may be posted here. who knows. i know that fanfic is what started me on this whole journy to figure out what i want to do in life, and im so greatful for it you have no idea, but i need to move on...as most of you have been.
In My Time will be finished. this story is the one i have the most connection with, its really what made me so popular on the site, and i want to do it justice.
the 29th chapter was just written and posted, so take a look :) the 30th has been kinda written but needs some serious TLC so i still need to work on it. idk when it'll be up. just know it will be
thank you for reading!
i'll tell you what i have been involved with has been my own stories with my own characters. i wrote my first novel and now am trying to get it published! you can check them out here
thank you so much!

Feb. 6th, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

So i just realized, effective Feb 1st, i've been apart of Twilight Archives for 4 years!

4 years!

which also means that i've been writing for 4 years as well.

its crazy thinking about how far i think i've come in the last 4 years-im able to actually write and even develop my own characters. twilight archives helped me figure out what i want to do with my life, and be able to write my novel. and YOU helped me by giving me self confidence and realize that i love writing.
the site has also come extremely far as well...though i feel its bottoming out a little. lets try to change that :)

thanks for the last 4 years everyone

Jan. 1st, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! And a belated Merry Christmas, since it seems as i missed that too

In My Time has just been updated with Chapter 28, A Choice, and whats also pretty cool is that it's the first story updated in 2011 ;)

We have about 2 more chapters to go with this story, and i havent even gotten around to writing them yet :/ so that needs to be done before its time to update this one again lol

Daunting will be the next to be updated :)

school has been crazzyyy and i've been super busy with my novel and all that so i am deeply sorry that updateing has been kinda scarce around here

but enjoy the new chapter!
and enjoy the new year ;)


Nov. 24th, 2010

Daunting Updated!

Hey everyone!

Happy thanksgiving!

just wanted to let you know that Daunting has been updated with chapter 17

next story to be updated is....In My Time!!!

hope you guys are havina a great break ;)


to read anything else written by me please go to this site-

Oct. 23rd, 2010

Damaged Finished!!!



The final chapter of Damaged has been posted!

Click the banner to check it out ;)

I'm happy that its finished, although it is a little sad :'(

I explain the ending a bit more in the ending chapter notes, so make sure you read those ;)

Alrighty, i guess thats all i have to say...i'm pretty sure Daunting is the next story to be updated :)

if i don't talk to you guys before then, Happy Halloween!!!



Sep. 25th, 2010

In My Time UPDATED!!!

Hey everyone!!!

Okay, i know i know i know-longggg time no post.

i was working on my novel-which is now finished! its so exciting ;) but now that i have an hour to spare, before i have to start the piles of homework i was given, i finally updated

In My Time was updated with chapter 27 :) we have 3 chapters left until its finished, and only one of them is written lol i have some work to do ;)
Click the banner or go to the most recent page on TA to check it out :) my goal is to get 500 reviews before the story ends, so pleaseee help make that happen :)

i would have updated in august, but i came down with a influenza of my own and was in the hospital and everything-not fun...

Damaged is the next story to be updated...and that'll be the last time i say that. That will be the last chapter :( its so sad lol

I'll just do a quick little reminder-

if you want to read anything i write that is not with twilight characters please go here and scroll down :) http://inkpop.com/profile/701c91e7-fa7c-4e99-8308-80403694bc6b/ashleyvictoria/  parts of my novel, 'Flicker', are posted there :)

thanks everyone!
(im soooo excited, by the way-my sweet 16th birthday is next week!!!)


Aug. 9th, 2010

Daunting Updated!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that chapter 16 of Daunting was posted :) click the banner above to check it out

Its august...almost the middle of august...and summer is almost over. i still have a lot of homework to do too...you could say that the thought of the first day of school pretty much kills me. i know it does for you too.
But i will try to still do updates as regularly as i can. the last two weeks i was in Rhode Island and northern michigan so i haven't had time to update, i am sorry.
i hope you enjoy the update and the rest of your summer.
next update-In My Time!!

Jul. 21st, 2010

Damaged Updated!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to tell you that Damaged has be updated with Chapter 15! you can go on the site or click the banner above to read it :)

Now...i explained this a bit on the chapter notes-we have 16 chapters in total. This is really the last big one...the next is a very short epilouge. It's kind of sad...because this story made me get lost in it's surroundings...i mean this one taught me to research a story as much as you can, to get involved, to get there with music....its a very emotional and close story to me. It's not one of my best...but it's one of my favorites. I did so much research for this one-everything from videos, to books, to websites, to interviews with eye whitness accounts about mental hospitals back then. It all made it very real for me, and i hope you felt that. We have one more chapter, i know...but it sort of feels like the end lol. I'm getting ahead of myself.

I dont quite know if there will be a sequel, but i like the idea.

Anyway, Daunting will be the next story to be updated....and then In My Time. Enjoy your summer ;)



Okay-now alottt of important songs aren't on the playlist above because they didn't have the songs. Pretty much my most important songs by Vanessa Carlton aren't there anymore. so here is a list-

Dancing- Elisa 
Paradise-Vanessa Carlton
Here with Me- Plumb
Private Radio- Vanessa Carlton
Dark Carnival- Vanessa Carlton
She Floats- Vanessa Carlton 
All I Ask- Vanessa Carlton      
 Only hope- switchfoot
Only Hope- Mandy Moore
Shadow of the day- Linkin Park
Rinse- Vanessa Carlton
Dark Blue- Jack’s Mannequin
Me- Plumb   
 Courage- Sarah Polly
No Cars Go- Arcade Fire
The Reason- Hoobastank-
 Meant to Live- Switchfoot
Dare you to Move- Switchfoot
Phobic- Plumb
Golden- Switchfoot
On Fire-Switchfoot
Always- Plumb
Guardian Angel-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
It Ends Tonight- All American Rejects
Straitjacket Feeling- All American Rejects
It’s you- Ryan Cabrera
Numb- Linkin Park
God will take care of you- Plumb
Manic- Plumb
All of this Past

Jul. 11th, 2010

Greetings ;)

Hey everyone :)

So every once in a while i don't just post on here to announce that i updated something or give any extras...i actually (sometimes) blog :)

I was walking through a cute little town in Michigan just a couple of hours ago...i hadn't really noticed this before, which is quite a surprise seeing as i've been there countless times. But reading Twilight makes you recognize different things...you see something twilight related and start screaming or play that game where you look at any object and relate it to Twilight somehow (oh...you've never played that game? heh heh...either have i then lol)...and so it only makes sense that i would chuckle at this. i tried to take a picture of it with my phone, but i was walking quickly and it turned out horrible...but if you look closely you can see what i'm talking about. i even circled it for you

Okay on the left the store actually says 'The Rose Shop'...next door to it, the store has 'Hale' written on it. So you have 'Rose' and 'Hale'. If that didn't make you at least smile you aren't a true twilighter lol
I thought it was great :) but i did take the picture in a rush and therefore it is blury, but you can see it now that i've told you.
I hope your summers are going good.
Im not quite sure where any of the mods are on the site...which must make everyone who doesnt have auto-validation pretty upset. i know i would be. The site is suffering from their absence. But there isn't anything anyone could do at this point...
I actually wrote a chapter for In My Time today!!! only 2 more chapters to write :) i'm very excited. As much as it pains me, it really does need to be finished lol. I did write a few more things for that 'Damaged' Sequel i was talking about earlier...am i sure if thats going to happen? probably a 7 out of 10 (ten being set in stone). Im not sure if i can do it or not. As for Egocentric...it will be worked on after i finish In My Time. i can't take on too much right now, and my original character story needs the attention first.
Speaking of which,
If you want to read something written by me (bless your heart lol) you can go here-
And if you want to participate with the 'Twilight's Finest Fanfiction' new award nomination you can go here-
Enough of my rambleing ;)
Talk to you in a new update..aka a couple of days i think


Jul. 4th, 2010

In My Time Updated!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!!

I hope you're having a great weekend.

I just wanted to let you know that the 26th chapter of In My Time is posted :) click the banner above and go check it out ;)

I'm getting a little freaked because i only have one more chapter finished after this one to update....and i haven't been able to write anything for a while so i really need to write those last 3 chapters pretty quick lol its strange that we're almost done with it, isn't it? Oh well

I dont know when the next update will be....maybe next week? depends on if i have time. the next update will be Damaged though

Thanks for reading and enjoy some fireworks :)

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